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Marcel Caufriez

Marcel Caufriez was born in Frameries (Belgium) in 1950.

Doctor en Motor Fonction Sciences (Physiotherapy and reeducation) from the University of Brussel (ULB) Professor and author of works and scientific and technical researches in the International Academy of Motor Fonction Sciences (Spain)

He has some several honors in Belgium, as the Cross of Officer of the Order of the Crown. Hes continued his career as a researcher and a professor in an unusual way: professor at the University of Castilla La Mancha (Spain), Rector of the International Academy of Motor Fonction Sciences, professor at the University Gimbernat of Barcelona, professor at the High-School Paul-Henri Spaak and at the" High-school Europe-Charleroi in Belgium, Head Investigator of the Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Human Ecophysiology from Mallorca, and a specialist in Urodynamic in the Department of Urology at the University of Brussel

Protagonist of the Urogenital and Digestive Neuromyostatics Techniques, he is one of the founding fathers of the Uro-Gynecology Reeducation, particularly in Belgium and Canada. He is the creator of the concept "Hypopressive, of the perineal tonemetric device, of the Physiosexology, and other many techniques and equipments in the field of Motor Fonction Sciences and Rehabilitation.

He wants to share his experience as a clinician, a researcher and a professor with the professionals of Rehabilitation of the whole world.

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